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Are you capable of receiving partial social security disability benefits?


Are you capable of receiving partial social security disability benefits?

There are no partial disability benefits offered from Social Security Administration. Social Security does not cover those who have lost the use of any senses such as, vision, smell, or hearing. If this condition does not show in the way of a disability and fall under the definition in the rule book. Also, social security doesn’t give benefits to those who are only disabled to a certain percentage, especially if they are receiving benefits from the veterans administration.


Partial Social Security Disability Benefits


There is a permanent partial disability — PPD — that can be used from workers compensation for individuals who have recovered, but are at some level, still impaired and can’t fully function like they used to. Unfortunately, PPD does not carry over and justify with social security.


The programs that the social security administration has to offer to individuals benefits those whose condition is fully disable or is not going to improve anytime in the near future. Thus, conditions can’t be partial and they should be long term.


If you do want to claim for social security disability benefits, you can still do so. If you have a combination of conditions that cause you to not work and earn an income to pay your bills, then you could fight for these benefits. If you’ve been out of work for at least a year, you can apply for disability. The disability examiner that will be reviewing your claim will look at all records, such as when your disability started and how long it has lasted. You should make sure that you are not able to perform any activities and jobs that you were able to prior to your accident.


Like stated above, social security measures one’s disability by the length of time they’ve been out of work. They will also need as many medical documents as possible from you. This will be used in your benefit to further your application and being accepted for benefits. What it will come down to is if you are truly unable to function and perform daily activities for a long period of time. Your limitations and records will make up the majority of deciding whether you should be receiving social security disability benefits or not.

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