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How to Apply for Disability Benefits with Autism?


How to Apply for Disability Benefits with Autism?

If you or a loved one has an autism spectrum disorder, you may be eligible to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. While autism is listed in the Social Security Administration’s “blue book,” those who have been diagnosed with childhood autism must still prove their eligibility. Keep reading to learn more about autism disability benefits and how you can qualify.



Am I Entitled to Autism Disability Benefits from the Social Security Administration?


Before you can start to receive disability payments from the Social Security Administration, you must prove that you meet several different medical requirements. These include:


· You must prove that you cannot work as a result of your childhood autism diagnosis or that you are currently earning less than $1000 per month.


· Your autism spectrum disorder must be severe enough that it keeps you from maintaining a regular work schedule and earning enough money to care four your basic needs.


· Under the Social Security Administration’s list of disabilities section 12.10 for autistic disorders, you must present medical documentation that proves you experience difficulties in social situations, have trouble engaging in verbal and nonverbal communication and imaginative activity


· Have a restricted range of interests and activities that you participate in


· And detail any episodes of decompensation


All medical documents should support the fact that your autism symptoms restrict social functioning, the ability to participate in activities of daily living and the ability to maintain concentration, pace and/or persistence.


Children and Autism Benefits


Many young adults who have autism and are under the age of 18 will qualify for SSI benefits. However, if you received benefits as a child, you will need to reapply for disability payments once you reach the age of 18. Most people with the condition do not qualify for SSDI benefits because the disorder is severe enough that it prevents them from holding significant employment.


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