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The Basics of a Quick Disability Determination

When an illness or injury makes it impossible for you to continue working, applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration is often a good option. However, the application is notoriously long and arduous. Applicants can sometimes wait for as much as one year, or longer before they get an answer about their application. If the claim is denied and an appeal is filed, the appeals process takes even longer. Maybe people seeking benefits, unfortunately, do not have that kind of time to wait. In circumstances such as this, you can apply for a Quick Disability Determination (QDD).

What is a QDD?

QDD is a technological method initiated by the SSA to determine which claims need to be expedited quickly due to the health status of the applicant. The process requires the use of a sophisticated predictive computer system that analyzes electronic files to find specific markers that indicate the applicant will be found to be disabled by SSA standards. When the criteria are met, the application is sent to a special QDD group for processing.

Processing a QDD Claim

When a claim is given QDD status, it is examined by a QDD group member. Your claim can be approved at that point without the examiner requesting that a medical examiner look at the file.

How Quickly can a QDD Claim be Approved?

A claim that goes through the QDD process can be approved within 20 days of its submission. However, for the process to be this fast, the application must be complete and no new evidence would need to be obtained. If there is a discrepancy with the onset date of your condition, your application may be denied.

QDD Claim Denials

If your QDD claim is denied, a medical examiner will be assigned to review the application. If the QDD group and the medical examiner do not agree that your claim should be approved, your claim will need to go back into general processing.

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