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Benefits of a Social Security Disability Representative

The process of applying for and receiving Social Security benefits can be strenuous, time consuming, and frustrating at times. Rarely is an individual applying for benefits familiar with the different processes involved. The simplest mistakes can lead to the time of a decision being delayed, and even the individual applying being denied altogether. Here are just a couple reasons why an individual should seek representation in the case.
People often have the idea that applying to receive benefits is as simple as filling out an online application if they are unable to work due to an injury or medical condition. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are medical notes and records that need to be collected. Once this information has been gathered, a representative who deals with these matters on a regular basis will know which notes and records will be beneficial for the case, and which ones could lead to a negative outcome. The same is true of employment records and contact information. Both of these play a major part in the Social Security Administration’s decision.
There are several rules and guidelines that are associated with receiving Social Security Benefits. An individual who has not been through the process before could end up jeopardizing the outcome without even realizing it. A representative can inform you on what is accepted or allowed and what isn’t. They will provide information they have learned from experience on exactly what is helpful and what can hurt you. There is never a reason to be dishonest through the process, but some information is not needed and may be given up freely without the individual even realizing it if they aren’t familiar with the proceedings.
While having a representative does not guarantee your application will be accepted, being represented will put the odds in your favor. Representatives should never guarantee a result to the client, but because of their experience with the matter they can provide a valuable opinion and evaluation of what is likely to happen. They can prepare the applicant for the process involved and provide assurance in the direction the case is heading. They also can help with gathering any additional information as the case progresses. They also know the routines and methods that can help speed the process along, however this should never be something that is expected from the applicant. If a decision is reached quickly, it is more than likely an outcome of having an representative.

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