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How to Write to the Disability Appeals Council

How do you write disability appeals? Is it the same as a disability appeal letter? Yes, they are the same. And, a denied Maryland Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) claim may lead to this step, depending on how far you pursue an appeal. The SSDI process proves confusing enough with the fill-in-the-blank applications and documentation gathering. But, if you need to write disability appe...
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How can a Disability Representative Help me Dispute a Denied Benefits Claim?

Poor representation in the past. A case denied, even with representation. Lack of funds to hire a representative. All of these reasons are valid for opting to go solo on your Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) appeal. However, if your letter reads something like “claim denied disability benefits”, representation proves a wise choice. Furthermore, enlisting an ally in f...
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My SSI was Denied. What now?

Work. Home. School. Every aspect of your life is impacted by disability. The hope of a supplemental security income benefit relieves the pressure. And, somehow between doctor’s appointments and therapy you managed to complete the application for SSI benefits. However, the response you hoped for failed to arrive. Instead, you are found ineligible — denied. A denial letter strikes at ...
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Are you Eligible for Social Security Disability?

To decide if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI), the first question to ask is whether you will be considered “disabled” under the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of the term. If the Social Security Administration determines that you are disabled and cannot work, you will receive monthly, monetary benefits from the SSA for as long as ...
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