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Can I get disability benefits from Social Security if my family or I have income and assets?

If you are already receiving other government benefits such as public disability, workers’ compensation, or anything pension related that is not being paid by Social Security unfortunately may reduce the price in Social Security disability benefits you can receive.

There is a need-based program for those that are already receiving assets and/or have a low income. Supplemental Security Income — SSI — is different than SSDI because SSDI has no asset limits. Those who qualify for SSDI benefits are an outcome of endowment paid to the Social Security program. To receive SSI benefits, the recipient or applicant can’t make more than $2,000 in assets.


The asset limit is $3,000 if the applicant is married. This means even if only one person is disabled and eligible, the asset combined must not exceed $3,000. In a similar situation if a child under 18 only lives with one parent, the financial resources of that parent is deemed. Any assets above $3,000 if the child lives with both parents, will count toward the $2,000 resource limit that the child is given.


What assets are counted toward SSI

So how does the SSI asset work you ask? These assets are referred to as resources and here is a list of the following resources:
● Cash
● What you have in your checking or savings account
● Insurance policies in cash value over at least $1,500
● Bonds and stocks
● Any personal effects and household goods over $2,000
● Cars or motor vehicles
● Any other real estate that isn’t the home you reside in


What is your over your limit in resources?

Those who receive SSI and go over the $2,000 limit or $3,000 if you are married and not eligible to receive these benefits. Those who exceed the resource limit won’t even get a full evaluation of their disability if this is the case. That means Social Security won’t go any further to decide if you are medically disabled. You will get what is called a “technical denial” in receiving these benefits.

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