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Can I Get Disability Benefits for Nephrotic Syndrome Disorder Disability?

Kidney diseases such as nephrotic syndrome disorder can lead to kidney failure if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Symptoms involving high protein levels in urine, reduced blood protein levels, dangerously high cholesterol and swelling of the feet, ankles and hands could be severe enough to qualify a person suffering nephrotic syndrome disorder for a monthly disability benefit from the Social Security Administration

Nephrotic Syndrome


Where is Nephrotic Syndrome Disorder Listed in the SSA’s Blue Book of Conditions?

Kidney and bladder diseases are found under genitourinary disorders in Social Security’s Blue Book of qualifying medical conditions. Specifically, the SSA evaluates nephrotic syndrome resulting from glomerular dysfunction. Two types of glomerular dysfunction exist: glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the kidney’s membrane tissues) and glomerulosclerosis (hardening and/or scarring of blood vessels in the kidneys). Both of these disorders may be eligible for a disability benefit because they often cause severe kidney disease or kidney failure.

What is Needed to File a Disability Claim for Nephrotic Syndrome Disorder?

Documents included in a SS disability application for nephrotic disorder include:

  • Official diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome disorder by a licensed physician.
  • Proof that the applicant has suffered more than three months from this disease, despite undergoing different treatments and therapies
  • Description of symptoms from a kidney specialist (severity of edema, ongoing fever, fatigue and breathing difficulties caused by pericardial effusion and/or pleural effusion)
  • Results of lab work (serum protein/albumin levels, blood urea nitrogen, diagnostic imaging scans, urinalysis)

In some cases, kidney diseases like nephrotic disorder may be attributed to another disabling condition. If the symptoms of nephrotic disorder do not meet the SSA’s criteria for eligibility, they will then determine if the underlying condition qualifies the applicant for SSD or SSI.

Can a Disability Representative Help Get Nephrotic Syndrome Disorder Disability Claim Approved?

Every day, hundreds of Baltimore, MD residents apply for a particular disability benefit, only to be denied because their application failed to prove the validity of their condition. The disability representative at London Disability have over a decade of experience getting disability claims approved as soon as possible. With in-depth knowledge of SSA guidelines, our representative are experts at gathering proper medical documents, filling out forms and submitting them accordingly to expedite approval of benefits. Call today to schedule an appointment with a disability representative.

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