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How To Choose A Social Security Disability Representative?

You have questions. We have answers. We specialize in obtaining medical and verterans’ benefits, Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI Benefits), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We know what you’re going through. Here’s how to find a Social Security Representative who will stay the course with you.

Do I Need a Disability Representative to Obtain SSDI Benefits?

Filing with the Social Security Administration for disability yourself can get complicated. Already started? Fortunately, an experienced representative can take your materials from the SSA website and work on your application with you.

With an expert Disability Representative in your corner, you can get through the process as quickly as possible, and receive all you’re entitled to. While you look after your health and safety, your representative takes care of the bureaucratic details. So, while you don’t need a Disability Representative, it typically pays to have a good one.

What Does Good SSDI Representation Look Like?

First, you might already know what it does not look like. Perhaps you have had problems finding a representative who encourages you, takes your case or your loved one’s matter seriously, and shines a light on your path ahead.

A good Disability Representative should answer your calls, return your messages, explain things understandably, and handle your matter with care, compassion, and respect. Good representation is ethical, detail-oriented, diligent, prompt, and organized. In our view, that’s what it takes to help people obtain the income they need to sustain everything that matters.

Approval for Social Security Disability Benefits: What Does It Take?

The administrative process includes the application, and any required hearings and appeals. Depending on a variety of case-specific factors, this may take up to two years or more. You should feel prepared and supported the whole way. You should feel confident that your representative works promptly to keep things moving, carefully overseeing the information gathering, file-building, administrative appearances, and follow-ups.

If you are disabled and need SSDI or SSI assistance, or support with Medicaid or other medical claims, the people of London Disability have your back. Call us at our Baltimore, MD office 410-752-0465 or toll-free at 877-978-3136.

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