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How to qualify for Disability Benefits with Childhood Asthma?


How to qualify for Disability Benefits with Childhood Asthma?

Severe symptoms of childhood asthma include prolonged coughing spells, rapid breathing, difficulty taking deep breaths and chest pains. Fortunately, for children who require frequent medical attention and administration of nebulizers and/or bronchodilation drugs, parents may be able to receive asthma disability benefits for their child as long as parents do not earn above certain income guidelines and have little resources.


Childhood Astha Disability

What Criteria Must be Met to be Approved for Childhood Asthma SSD Benefits?


When applying for a child with asthma, parents must prove their child has suffered three complications that required the child to be hospitalized. These “exacerbations” must also occur over the course of one year. In addition, the child must spend at least two days in the hospital for each episode.


Section 3.03 of the SSA’s Blue Book covers respiratory system conditions including asthma. Criteria needing met to be approved for asthma disability include:


  • The child has been clinically diagnosed with asthma and requires long-term, intensive treatment
  • Asthma attacks severely limit the child’s ability to engage in normal everyday activities


To qualify for SSD, children with asthma must need an intravenous bronchodilator, antibiotic administrations or inhalational bronchodilator therapy provided by hospitals or emergency rooms.


What Kind of Medical Documentation is Needed to Prove a Child Has Asthma?


The Social Security Administration will want results of a lung function test (spirometry) that measure how much air and how quickly a child can exhale. Lung function tests for children are taken while they are resting, after exercising and following an asthma treatment. Diagnosing asthma in children under five years old is more difficult because lung function test results may not be as accurate. Physicians rely on a parent’s information about their child’s symptoms, severity and frequency of attacks and whether treatment methods work to reduce symptoms.


Since children do not need to work, getting SSD for childhood asthma may be difficult for parents who do work and earn income. An experienced disability attorney at London Disability may be able to help parents with an asthmatic child get approved for SSD without needing to appeal a denied claim. Call our law firm today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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