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Topics to Avoid When Filing Your Disability Paperwork

Filing a successful application for social security disability benefits is all about optimization. By adding unnecessary, or incorrect, details to your paperwork, you severely hurt your chances of gaining an approval outright. If you want to avoid the frustrating appeals process, you need to know what disability topics to avoid in your paperwork.

Ultimately, you need to focus on your medical history, condition, and work activity alone when putting together your application. Your legal representative should be able to pinpoint areas that are needed, and help you get rid of inessential information; but here are the three things you should remember most:

Provide Specific and Extensive Details About Your Symptoms and Limitations

Be straightforward about the current status of your disability, the symptoms associated with it, and how those symptoms affect your daily life. Many applicants fail to realize just how much their life is being affected when thinking upon the matter themselves. Discussing your life with your legal representative and doctor is a good way to boost the way you list your disability/disabilities and symptoms in your initial application.

Provide Specific and Extensive Details About Your Past Work

Many applicants will be requested to fill out a work history questionnaire. Even if you are not asked to fill out this form, it can be highly beneficial to your chances of success. Give as many details about job duties (at positions you stayed at for more than three months) as possible. Especially when discussing hard labor, or physically exerting responsibilities, you need to be detailed. Generally, you should provide details of your work life for at least the past 15 years.

Why is Your Work History so Important?

You may be wondering: why is it so important that I give intimate details of my past work history? The fact is, most social security disability approvals are what are known as “medical-vocational allowances.” These decisions determine your benefits based off of your level of education, past work history, medical condition, and potential to find work while suffering from your disability/disabilities. Due to this, you will be doing yourself a favor by being as specific as possible about your past work history.

Do you need assistance putting together your application for social security disability benefits? If so, contact the professional advocates at London Disability. They will set up a free consultation to help you get started on your path toward a more stable life.

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