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Eight Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim may Have Been Denied

It is a fact that most disability claims are denied on their initial submission. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict standards that must be adhered to precisely. Sometimes even the smallest error can be the difference between having your claim accepted or denied. Here are eight common reasons why your disability claim may be denied.

Insufficient Work History

One of the major eligibility qualifications for disability benefits is your work history. To be eligible for benefits, you must have worked at a job where you paid into the Social Security system for a significant amount of time. Each quarter that you work at this type of job earns you one credit. The amount of credits you need to be eligible for benefits varies based on your age when your disability began.

You Have Other Sources of Income

SSDI benefits are granted on the basis of financial need. If you have other sources of income, the SSA will consider that when determining your eligibility for benefits. Other sources of income include workers’ compensation benefits, payments from other disability programs, pensions that are not covered by Social Security and jobs that are considered “substantial gainful employment”.

Your Condition is Temporary

One of the requirements to qualify for benefits is that your conditions must be expected to last at least one year or result in your death. If your ailment does not meet that time frame, your claim will be denied.

Not Enough Medical Evidence

The judge will base the decision on your claim mainly on the medical evidence you provide to back it up. So, it is vital to include all of your doctor’s records, test results and any other information that will help to show how your condition negatively affects your day-to-day life.

Lack of Communication with the SSA

Once you submit your claim, your responsibility is not over. There are many reasons why a representative from the SSA may need to contact you about it. If the SSA cannot get in touch with you or you do not respond to their attempted correspondence in a reasonable time, your claim may be denied. So, if you have a change in address or phone number, it is important for you to contact the SSA with your new information.

Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatments and Therapies

Many disabling conditions can improve when proper treatment is administered, and the SSA expects you to follow all of your doctor’s orders to try to keep your condition in check. If you fail to follow any prescribed treatments or therapies that would help you to maintain substantial gainful employment, there is a good chance your disability claim will be denied.

Participation in Illegal Activities, Imprisonment or Criminal Convictions That are Related to the Cause of the Disability

Any month you spend in a prison or hospital at the government’s expense, you are not eligible to receive benefits. However, you may be eligible to begin receiving benefits once you have been released. If your disability is a result of illegal activity there is a strong chance your disability claim will be denied.

You can Work at Another job

If you have the education, skills or training to do another job, even with your disability, your disability claim may be denied. Instead, the SSA may help you find another job that you can work at on a trial basis.

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