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Helpful Information when Applying for SSI

Applying for SSI is not always as simple as you might think. It is a process that is out of your control. However, there are some thing you can do, and sometimes not do that will speed up the process and improves the chances of your case being approved. Here is just a short list of some ideas and tips you will want to be aware of before you submit your application for benefits.

Make sure you talk to your doctors about your intentions of applying for disability benefits. Have a thorough discussion with them about the limitations you are experiencing due to your conditions. Find out if they are willing to support your decision and if they have any advice or suggestions that may help with the evidence of your case.

Don’t wait and leave it up to SSI officials to inform your doctors. This might delay the amount of time it takes for your doctor to respond with the information he or she is going to need to provide for your case. It might also affect your doctor’s decision whether or not to support your case if you have not had the proper discussion with them about the severity of your situation.

When filing your application for SSI benefits, make sure to provide information concerning any and all of the medical issues you are suffering from. The primary impairment that you are currently suffering from is important, make sure to include information about any other illness, disease, or condition that affects your ability to work.

Do not just assume that your diagnosis alone will be enough for the approval of your case. Provide all of the information you possibly can that will be of benefit or provide evidence of your need for assistance.

Take notes and keep a journal of the pain and limitations you experience on your worst days. Make sure to write down the activities you were not able to do and the problems these limitations created. Make sure that you take these notes and the journal with you to each doctor’s visit in order to discuss them with the doctor.

Do not rely on your ability to just remember these days. Simply recalling how you felt and what you were going through is not as convincing as having detailed information about the days that created the most difficulty for you.

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