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Can I receive SSD Benefits for Hematological Disorders?

Hematological disorders are plasma or blood related disorders that may render a person unable to maintain gainful work activity. Malignant disorders involving the blood and/or plasma are cancerous or life-threatening. Non-malignant disorders include chronic anemia, hemophilia or other hematological disorders that are not an immediate danger to a person’s health. To receive SSD benefits for a blood disorder, applicants must show their disorder is disabling enough to prevent them from working without risk to their health.

What Hematological Disorders Qualify for SSD Benefits?

  • Sickle cell anemia–causes pain, extreme swelling of feet and hands, recurring infections and visual disturbances
  • Chronic anemia–non-malignant disorders affecting red blood cells like chronic anemia requires SSD applicants prove they suffer overwhelming weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and other medical problems that prevent them for seeking gainful employment
  • Aplastic anemia–when bone marrow cannot supply sufficient red blood cells to support general health, you may have aplastic anemia. Other symptoms include fatigue, irregular heartbeat, frequent illnesses and nosebleeds
  • Hemophilia/blood coagulation disorders–these are non-malignant disorders that cause uncontrollable bleeding
  • Myelofibrosis (chronic leukemia)–a bone marrow disorder disrupting blood cell production, myelofibrosis causes bone marrow scarring, severe anemia, spleen enlargement and extreme weakness. Malignant disorders like myelofibrosis is a progressive disease that is sometimes fatal
  • Chronic thrombocytopenia–insufficient blood platelets due to thrombocytopenia causes frequent nosebleeds, fatigue, weakness and bleeding under the skin
  • Granulocytopenia–hematological disorders like granulocytopenia prevent the body from making enough white blood cells to fight infections. Symptoms include constant, low-grade fever, skin abscesses and recurring pneumonia

Can You Still Get SSD Benefits for Unlisted Hematological Disorders?

Yes, as long as you prove your blood disorder meets “limited functioning” criteria established by the Social Security Administration. An SSA claims evaluator will determine if there are jobs available that you can do based on your functional capacity.

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