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How It Works What You Need To Apply For SSI

Regardless of the governmental entity you’re forced to deal with, gathering the number of documents you’ll need, to satisfy their requirements, can feel like an overwhelming task. Applying for SSI is no different. Their need for documentation will require you to find documents that detail almost every part of your life. Here’s a list of the most important documents that will get you started on your SSI application.

How It Works What You Need To Apply For SSI

The basics

First and foremost you’ll need your Social Security Card or number. If you don’t have one, you can apply for one, or a Social Security number will be assigned to you when you’re entitled to benefits.

Proof of Age

Your proof of age will require one of the following documents

  • A publicly generated birth record, created before your 5th birthday
  • A religious birth record, created before your 5th birthday
  • Other documents proving your age or date of birth

Proof of Citizenship of Record of Alien Status

As a citizen, any one of these documents will prove your citizenship

  • A birth certificate proving American birth
  • A religious birth record or baptism proving American birth
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • U.S. passport of card
  • Certificate of Citizenship

As an alien, you will need

  • A Permanent Resident Card (I-551)
  • An Arrival/Departure Card (I-94)

Proof of Income Documentation

If you are receiving income, you need the following documentation

  • Earned Income – a payroll stub. In the case of self-employment, last year’s tax return
  • Unearned Income – Records showing how much, how often, and the source of income

Proof of Personal Resources

  • Complete bank statements (checking and savings)
  • Deeds or tax appraisals for all owned property (except for your own home)
  • Insurance policies for life or disability
  • Contracts for burial plots
  • Stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit
  • All vehicle registrations

Documentation of Living Arrangements

  • A recent lease or rent receipt
  • Pertinent information for all household members (name, date, medical assistance cards, or Social Security numbers)
  • Proof of home ownership (deed or property tax bill)
  • Household cost information

Medical Sources – For Blind or Disabled Filers

  • Contact information for doctors and other medical providers
  • Approximate dates of treatment
  • Medical reports, if available
  • Medications, prescription, and non-prescription

A Complete, Recent, Work History

  • Names of: employers, business
  • Types of businesses and job duties for each
  • Hours per day and week at each job, and rates of pay before leaving due to illness, injury, or other conditions

Other situations

Applications for disabled children require proof of disability or medical condition obtained via teachers or caregivers.

Don’t Forget

Apply as soon as you believe you’re eligible for SSI. Your original contact date with the Social Security Administration will be considered your filing date.

Make sure you take original documents to your application interview. Original documents will be returned to you. A certified copy can be accepted from the office where the document originated.

Keep track of everything! This includes dates you send information, dates when you speak to SSI, and whom you speak to at SSI.

By compiling and filing the proper documents without delay, your SSI application will be handled much more smoothly. Your SSI payments are important to you, and your family. If you need assistance with filing or help with any step of the SSI process, please contact us today!


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