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How Long Does a Social Security Disability Review Take?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is required to conduct periodic reviews of every Social Security Disability (SSD) case to determine whether the SSD benefit recipient is still qualified by the current status of their disabling impairment(s). These period case reviews are referred to as “Continuing Disability Reviews,” (CDRs). Most CDRs are called “short form CDRs” which are completed within one to three months. In other cases, a “long form CDR” may take as long as six months to complete.

London Disability Disability Advocates and Attorney Scott London can answer all your questions about your SSD Review and assist you in preparing and filing your response to the CDR questionnaire so the information you provide is clear and accurate and avoids any misinterpretation by the Social Security Disability Review personnel.

When Will Your SSD Case Be Reviewed?

To conduct the Continuing Disability Review process efficiently, the SSA separates each SSD claimant’s case into one of three categories based on the nature and severity of the claimant’s impairment as well as their age. The SSA intended to focus its efforts on those cases more likely to produce a savings to the government and to focus less on claims based on the most severe or permanent impairments. The three categories the SSA decided upon were these:

When Will Your SSD Case Be Reviewed?

Purpose of Continuing Disability Reviews

Not all physical or mental impairments that qualify for SSD benefit payments are permanent. The government could not responsibly assume that SSD benefit recipients will notify the SSA when they begin to improve to a degree that their condition may no longer qualify.

Instead, the Social Security Administration must confirm the ongoing status of a claimant’s impairment and seek to eliminate payments in cases where the claimed disability has significantly improved, or where the claimant’s income exceeds the eligibility cap, or where a someone’s claim was fraudulent.

Most Social Security Disability Reviews Are Short-Form Reviews

The great majority of Disability Reviews begin by the SSD claimant receiving a notice in the mail instructing them to fill out the Short Form questionnaire called a Disability Update Report. The information the SSA wants you to provide includes how often you visit your doctor, whether you are following the recommended treatment, whether your health has improved, and whether you and your doctor have discussed your returning to work.

Based on the responses you provide as well as the nature of your impairments, the Social Security Disability program will notify you of its decision to conduct a medical review or to waive it until the next period of review.

Appealing A Case Review Cessation of Social Security Disability Benefits

If you want to appeal an SSA decision to stop your SSD benefits (Cessation of Benefits), you or your SSD attorney or SSD advocate must file a SSA-789-U4 form within 60 days of receiving the SSD Review decision.

An experienced SSD lawyer or SSD advocate like Scott London and our entire team at London Disability Disability Advocates can help you fight to continue to receive the SSD or SSI benefits you deserve.

Many observers look at Continuing Disability Reviews scheduled too frequently as a form of unnecessary harassment of disabled individuals. With the help of a SSD lawyer or an SSD advocate, many of the Orders of Cessation are reversed once appealed and the facts get thoroughly examined. In the end, the process the government established as a means of detecting cases in which money could be saved often leads to appeals and repeated hearings at which the claimant’s benefits are restored.

Get Experienced, Knowledgeable SSD Advocacy at London Disability

London Disability Disability Advocates provides comprehensive support and expert SSD and SSI advocacy services to people like you who need answers to questions affecting your right to Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

The Continuing Disability Review process can be complicated and intimidating. The decisions being made about your legal rights to government benefits should be based on accurate and reliable information and not on incomplete files that don’t reflect the claimant’s true condition.

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