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How to Obtain Social Security Disability Records?

The Social Security Administration permits disability applicants who must re-apply due to being turned down to access information kept in their SSD records. However, mental health records can only be given to the applicant’s treating psychiatrist/physician when applicants are not formally represented by a representative. Since the SSA has been slowly transferring paper files to electronic storage for a decade, applicants can only receive SSD records by requesting a CD (file on disc). Completing form 3288 and returning it in person or by mail to the nearest Social Security office is one way applicants can obtain Social Security disability records.

SSD Medical Records

Obtaining Mental Health SSD Records

A disability representative, or other formal representative, must sign a form (1696) designating them as a representative of the applicant and submit it to the SSA before they can request and receive their client’s mental health records.

Why Would Someone Need Their Records?

If an initial application is denied by the SSA, it is in the best interest of the applicant to request a copy of their file. They will need this file when going before an administrative law judge during the appeal hearing about the denied application. SSD records give applicants the information on which the SSA based the final decision. Reviewing the file may reveal missing information key to successfully filing a disability claim.

How Long Does it Take for the SSA to Mail Records?

Typically, applicants or their disability representative can expect to receive SSD records in about 14 days from the time the records were officially requested. If records do not arrive in two weeks, the SSA recommends applicants and/or their representative contact the SSA.

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