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How Do You Qualify Medically for Social Security Disability or SSI?

Social Security uses the Blue Book of Medical Conditions to determine if someone is eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. This book contains criteria you need to meet to get approved for SSDI or SSI benefits. Medical disability qualification details are listed categorically to make it easier to find disability impairments. For example, under the cardiovascular section in the Blue Book, the SSA lists specific conditions such as peripheral artery disease, ischemic heart disease and heart transplant.


Can You Get Social Security Disability for Medical Conditions Not Found in the Book?

Yes. Not every potentially disabling medical problem is listed in the Blue Book. Type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome are just a few of literally hundreds of conditions that may be eligible to receive SSI or SSDI. Getting approved for chronic medical disorders not described in the SSA’s Blue Book depends on symptom severity and your ability to remain gainfully employed.

Adults suffering medical conditions that do not meet listing requirements may be approved for a type of Social Security disability benefit called the medical-vocational allowance. In fact, a majority of individuals with disability impairments often get approved for SSI or SSDI by being eligible for the medical-vocational allowance. Med-voc approval is based on your ability to do the kind of work you performed prior to the onset of your disability.

What is Needed to Prove Your Medical Disability Qualification to the Social Security Administration?

At a minimum, you will need to submit all the following, along with your application for disability benefits:

  • All physical and/or mental examination reports written by a doctor, psychologist or other medical specialist
  • Detailed reports or notes of treatment results
  • Copies and assessments of diagnostic scans–MRIs, CATs, x-rays
  • Lab results pertaining to your condition
  • Statements written by individuals who have first-hand knowledge of how your medical condition impacts your ability to work or perform normal daily activities

Dealing with a disabling health problem is difficult enough without having to spend your time and energy gathering all documentation essential for getting approved. Hiring an experienced disability representative to assemble and submit your case to the SSA is the best and surest way to start receiving the disability benefits you need. Call the Law Office of London Disability, P.C to schedule an appointment today.

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