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When my disability case was denied over and over again and a previous lawyer messed up my appeal, i saw an advertisement for London When my disability case was denied over and over again and a previous lawyer messed up my appeal, i saw an advertisement for London Disability. When I spoke to a representative on the phone , i was told dont worry and we will win this and sure enough I won my case . My lawyer was the best . I highly recommend London Disability. 


Initially prior to filing I was very stressed because I tried to file for disability by myself. The process was not as simple as SSA makes it to be on the website. The website was not conducive to anything. I was sitting up late one night worrying and I saw a London Disability commercial and I called the next day. I came in the day after that and the application that I had in with SSI was able to be pulled from the SSI website to the office and they could start where I left off. Even with back surgery and things that are going to be prolonged, the entire process took 2 years which is much quicker than people I know that used other firms in Baltimore. The most surprising part of it was the amount that I received, it was much more than I could have ever anticipated. I would highly recommend if you are looking for the disability attorney that will fight for you and coddle you when you need to cry, use London Disability.


The entire staff made a stressful and scary situation as smooth and seamless as possible. All I had to do was go about my daily life and focus on myself. The day of my hearing, I could not have asked for a better person to be sitting next to me than Scott. From the moment I walked in he made me feel at ease, explained exactly what to expect, and helped me feel confident in myself. Even though I was extremely nervous, Mr. London again took the time to put me at ease once the hearing was concluded, explained again what everything that seemed to happen so fast in the hearing meant, and explained in detail what to expect step by step going forward. The office continued to keep in touch following the hearing and even following the decision. Even after being approved, they all continued to answer any questions I had. From start to finish, the entire practice at London Disability made me feel as secure and informed and prepared as possible. I can never thank them enough.


Good work.


Very pleasant and informative.Jordan was the person I spoke with and she was nice.I also meet Scott London, he too treated me and son like people not just clients.I would recommend London Disability to everyone who needs their service.

Good Service. GD

Thank you very much for your superior and professional services and for taking my case. I recommend you and your staff to all my friends. A special thanks to meagan, who has been working and doing what ever is. . .
needed for me to win my case. Thank all of you for your endless dedication and services you render to help people like myself to get the financial income for us to sustain our daily lives. Happy Holidays and God Bless You All. Please continue to be kind, courteous, and professional at all times as you all so have been. It is truly a blessing to have you all my corner. With Love, respect, and admiration for yourselves and the work that you and your staff do at,, Fred London Disability associates. CAROL W.


Do not know how or if this will work for me and my grand. Very great firm. Support was excellent. Did not even have all of my documents. Willing to assist me in getting it. Thank you so much because it is about me. To provide away for me to provide and you made that clear. Thank you for telling me to think about my health and the importance of keeping all of my visit to all of the doctors.


My experience at London Disability was very nice. The people I spoke to were professional kind and considerate.


My Experience was great everyone was very warm and sincere.


I enjoyed my experience down at your offices. Everyone was nice pleasant and professional. My Needs & Wants were addressed immediately. Would recommend your law service's highly.


The people they have working there are very pleasant and the service is great. I was in and out and all my needs was taken care of.


Worked here for a while and was always treated fairly and challenged everyday.


Very pleasant and informative.Jordan was the person I spoke with and she was nice.I also meet Scott London,he too treated me and son like people not just clients.I would recommend London Disability to everyone who needs thier service.


Everyone at London Disability is very helpful and they care about making sure you get what you need.


This was a wonderful service! The staff is very pleasing and caring with their customers. I enjoyed myself and their help is finominal! This was a wonderful experience, thankyou so much.


London Disability and Eligibility are a caring and compassionate firm. They look out for their clients and work diligently with and for them. London Disability and Eligibility display these qualities among others: they are meticulous, fast thinking, ethical, courteous, well-organized, brilliant, formidable and wise. They specialize in Social Security Disability and Supplemental Cases and assist clients applying for Medical Assistance.


I would like to thank everyone for help on my case. Everyone was friendly and helpful by answering all my questions. I always felt at ease when I spoke to Arun. Since I had a great experience with their professional staff, I will recommend them to all my friends. I am so happy that London got my case approved.


I want to thank you for the hard work that you put in while working on my Social Security Disability case for the past 2 years. You showed me that I am not just another client but you actually care about the work that you are doing. I greatly appreciate your commitment to the extensive records and information gathering, follow-ups, and other work that was required to ensure that my case could proceed smoothly through the process. It is because of you that I have now been approved for Social Security Disability Benefits.


We came to your office in need of help for our adult son, whom has many medical and psychiatric issues. We truly needed help!!! We were told by several other law offices that our case was HOPELESS and mostly due to his age we would never get help. They refused to take our case. We assumed when you accepted us that it would be years if ever. Due to that we expected poor communication, unanswered calls, etc. and probably shoved on a back shelf somewhere in your office! WOW !!!!!!! That was NOT what we got!!!!! Stephanie, YOU have been an angel sent straight down from the heavens!!!! YOU have taken care of everything, every last little detail. YOU promptly returned calls, answered calls always with the greatest respect, kindness, patience, and professionalism. We are in awe how quickly you obtained help for our son. If I could remember the law offices that turned us down, I would call them and let them know how quickly and successful Stephanie of London’s Office was!!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you are the best! Once again thank you my sweet, sweet, sweet awesome little girl!