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Rules of Conduct: The Standards of Responsibility for SSI and SSDI Representatives

For every SSI Representative, and all Disability Representatives, the government lays out standards to follow. What conduct should you expect?

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations contains the standards for representing cases before the Social Security Administration (SSA). These rules appear in 20 C.F.R. § 404.1740 and 416.1540.

What Rules Guide Representatives in Cases Before the SSA?

In all interactions with the SSA, your Representative must:

  • Act in good faith.
  • Apply the preparation and know-how to competently represent you.
  • Know the applicable laws, decisions, rules, and regulations.
  • Keep you updated about your case.
  • Be responsive to the government’s requests for your biographical information, medical evidence and opinions, and non-medical information.
  • Properly communicate with the Social Security Administration on matters involving the representative’s fees.
  • Be available to attend your hearing and stick with you throughout your case.
  • Prevent and disclose fraud.
  • Disclose to the SSA any administrative action that would disqualify a Representative from acting on your behalf.

Now, here’s what representatives may not do:

  • Mislead applicants about our qualifications or services.
  • Accept gifts or valuables barred by law.
  • Mislead the government.
  • Delay or wrongly attempt to sway the government’s decision.
  • Disrupt the process or threaten any person.
  • Breach your privacy without your consent.
  • Repeatedly show up late to, or miss, your proceedings.
  • Fail to follow the law or rules, or suggest that any other person violate them.

There’s more. Your Representative must act to stop any employee, or anyone the organization works with, from wavering from these standards.

What Else Should You Expect From Your Representative?

A good disability representation organization treats your case with empathy and respect. Everything else flows from that. If you need to file for Supplemental Security Income, qualify for Medicaid, or need help on an appeal for SSDI benefits, count on London Disability to exceed the standards for representing you. Contact our Baltimore, MD office for a free review of your case.

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