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How to Qualify for Social Security Benefits with a Terminal Illness?

If you’ve had a terminal illness diagnosis, your finances should be the least of your concerns. Luckily, if you need hospice care, you’re most likely entitled to Social Security benefits from medical qualification. These benefits can help you pay for medical bills, hospice services, housing and other expenses.

At What Age are You Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Most working people get Social Security benefits during their work life, and this converts to retirement compensation at 65 years old. Disability is different than retirement. You aren’t eligible for benefits from both programs at the same time. If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and you’re already receiving retirement benefits, you won’t be eligible for additional terminal illness disability benefits.

How Do You Apply for Social Security Disability?

To apply for Social Security terminal illness disability, you need to fit the requirements of the Social Security definition of disability, which is a medical condition that prevents an applicant from performing work duties for 12 months or more, or results in death. Hospice patients automatically meet this definition of disability.

Social Security also uses its own guide of qualifying conditions when evaluating terminal illness disability, which lists numerous conditions that necessitate hospice care. For example, a patient with metastatic cancer is medically qualified for disability benefits.

How to Do a Terminal Illness Disability Application

You can apply for Social Security disability benefits online from your home, or with the help of a caretaker or family member. In most cases, patient applications with a terminal illness and in hospice care will be expedited during the process, leading to a determination within a few weeks.

How a Representative Can Help with Your Terminal Illness Application

If you have a terminal condition and you’re concerned about qualifying for social security benefits, London Disability can help. We’ll go over your case with you and help you manage your supporting documentation, paperwork and deadlines to get your benefits. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation!

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