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Social Security in Washington DC: What Services Are Available to You?

If you are applying for Social Security, Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then you already know it can be a difficult process full of deadlines and paperwork. Rather than dealing with people over the phone or through email, it’s often easier just to go somewhere and talk to a person directly. 

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, the good news is that there are plenty of services available for you to do just that. Regardless of what type of benefits you are applying for, where you are in the application process, or what roadblocks you’re trying to overcome to get your benefits, there’s a local office where you can go and take care of business.

First, the District of Columbia has a number of “field” offices. These offices are located throughout the district, and area available to you when you need to get or submit various documents, when you need clarification or other questions answered, to pay fees, or basically any other sort of regular social security business. Another great thing about these offices is that, if you need more specialized help but don’t know where to go, the people who work in these offices will be able to direct you towards the exact office or person you need to speak to in order to get your problem solved.

In addition to the field offices, D.C. also has a local Disability Determination Services office. This is the office that handles all SSDI claims. So if you’ve been injured, or suffer from medical conditions that make it impossible to work, this is the office that handles those claims. In addition, questions concerning how to file, what information is needed, or more specific information about your case would be taken care of here.

Finally, the District also has a local office for disability adjudication. So, if your SSDI application is denied, and you being going through the appeals process, this is the office that handles those cases, and where you will most likely need to make an appearance at some point.

Of course, in addition to its official SSA offices, Washington is full of representative who are willing to help you with your various Social Security needs and concerns. All this means that if you live in the District of Columbia, you’ve got a lot of resources at your disposal to help you with your claims!

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