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If I Qualify for SSDI Disability Will I Be Able To Get Food Stamps?


If I Qualify for SSDI Disability Will I Be Able To Get Food Stamps?

To qualify for SSDI disability benefits, applicants must prove they suffer from a qualifying medical condition and have worked long enough to accrue a certain amount of credits. In contrast to SSI (Supplemental Security Income) which does not require an applicant to have paid social security taxes, Social Security Disability Insurance is only awarded to disabled people who have earned at least 20 credits (if you are between 31 and 42 years old). The number of credits increases according to age at which someone applies for SSDI. Since food stamp (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) eligibility is based on income, SSDI recipients can keep getting food stamps as long as their SSDI benefits do no exceed income limits.


SSDi & Food Stamp

What Deductions are Permitted for Disabled People Needing Food Assistance?


The SNAP program allows deductions that can help people with a disability continue receiving SNAP if their SSDI benefits exceed income eligibility. Deductions SSDI beneficiaries can take include:


  • Earned income deduction of 20 percent

  • Standard deductions of $160 (one to three individuals in a household) and $170 (household size over four people)


  • Dependent care deductions for education, training or employment purposes

  • Medical/dental expenditures for disabled or elderly members of a household (when expenses exceed $35 per month). Allowable deductible costs include prescription medications, physician bills, dentures, nursing care and outpatient procedure expenses


In most cases, applicants awarded SSDI disability benefits who are already receiving food stamps remain eligible for food stamps as long as their resources do not negate deductions.


If you have been approved for SSDI disability and worry your food stamps may be taken away, call London Disability today to make a consultation appointment with a disability lawyer who has experience ensuring you benefit from all SSDI deductions.