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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): Overview

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance program that insures workers against severe, long-term disabilities. It is funded by payroll taxes, so if you have ever worked as an employee, you have paid into this insurance program. A portion of the Federal Insurance Contributions (FICA) taxes that you pay are set aside for this benefit (and others like Social Security retirement). You may have noticed FICA payments listed on your payroll stub each pay period.


SSDI is managed and administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), an agency of the United States Government. The program was established in 1954 and was designed to provide individuals with income in the event they become unable to work due to a disability.


In order to receive benefits under the SSDI program, the Social Security Administration must determine that you are Disabled. This is a complex process that London Disability can help you with.


The amount of benefits you will receive depends on the amount you have paid in over the course of your working life. The more you paid in, the more you will receive. In fact, your widow and heirs may even be eligible to receive benefits, depending on the circumstances, so it is well worth it to apply as soon as possible.

Are you Disabled?

You will generally be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) if the following conditions are true:

  • You are unable to engage in substantial, gainful activity due to a medical, physical or mental ailment that may result in death or has lasted, or can be expected to last, for at least one year.
  • You are unable to execute the requirements of the job you held before you became impaired.
  • You are unable to adjust to other types of work because of the physical or psychological impairment combined with your level of education, age, and past experience.
  • The disability is a result of a psychological or physical abnormality that is able to be demonstrated through medically acceptable, laboratory or clinical, diagnostic techniques.


Filing an SSDI Claim on Your Own Is Risky Business

The good news is that if the Social Security Administration determines that you are disabled and cannot work, you will receive monthly, monetary benefits from the SSA for as long as you remain disabled. However, before committing to the ongoing cost of these payments, the SSA looks very carefully at your condition before determining that you are eligible for benefits.


Because the SSA reviews your case with such a high level of scrutiny, and because the bureaucratic process is very complex, the entire experience can be extremely frustrating for those trying to figure it out without the help of a professional.


London Disability is a professional disability advocacy company and can manage your case through this meticulous process.