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The Benefits of Being Represented

The process of applying to receive Social Security benefits is not only time consuming, especially beings how it is more than likely the first time you have had to experience the ordeal. Dealing with an injury or illness, serious enough to prevent work creates enough headache and stress on its own. When adding on the legal aspect of a social security claim, it can often be more activity than the applicant can bare.

While no advocate can, nor should they make an attempt to guarantee an outcome to the applicant, there are several reasons why it is worth the time to seek representation. An advocate will not always equal success with your case, but there are many ins and outs associated with the application and appeal process that are less difficult with representation. This is not taking from the knowledge or understanding of the individual applying for benefits, simply the result of an advocate being involved with the Social Security system on a day to day basis. Regardless of what the process is being discussed, anyone who has daily experience with the matter will be more qualified and more likely to produce a positive outcome. 

One specific issue that has the ability to create repeated issues for the applicant is the paperwork and medical records which need to be submitted. It’s not uncommon for an applicant to send medical information that ends up doing more harm to their chances of being approved than good, without even realizing what they have been. An advocate is aware of exactly what paperwork and information is needed and what has the potential of creating a negative effect. Because of their experience with the matter, an advocate knows specific details of the Social Security Administration will be looking for and what information will automatically raise a red flag. 

There will often need to be additional information provided by a doctor or health care provider once the determination process has begun. An advocate can often receive this information quicker with less of an effort from the required parties involved. This also is an additional way in which the stress and effort from the individual applying for benefits is reduced, allowing them to depend on the representation to handle matters which may appear to be of little effect, but are a necessity for the process nonetheless. 

A list of all the benefits of being represented in a Social Security case could hardly be described in one brief article. These are just a few of the reasons seeking an advocate could be beneficial.

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