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How to Know When It’s Time to Apply for SSDI for Arthritis?

It’s not always clear when to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), especially when you have arthritis. You may wonder just how painful it needs to be before you legitimately can’t take it anymore. You may wonder how you’ll even prove to the powers that be that your arthritis disability is as bad as you claim it is. If you’re largely unemployed due to your condition, consider the following facts about how those who suffer from arthritis can qualify for disability.


Arthritis Disability

How Do I Tell When Enough Is Enough?

The truth is that you’re not expected to be able to work through the pain day in and day out. If your arthritis makes it difficult to perform your daily duties (let alone those on the job), you have a legitimate claim to file for Social Security Disability. If you’re having trouble performing any of the following activities, it may be time to consider how SSDI can help:

  • Typing
  • Lifting
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Kneeling
  • Walking

What Are the Formal Requirements?

Those with an arthritis disability need to prove they’ve been receiving treatment for at least three months before they can apply. It’s the Social Security Administration who reviews and approves of your application. Those who are gainfully employed (defined as making at least $1,180 a month) will, unfortunately, be deemed ineligible for benefits. This is because the applicant has already proven themselves capable of work (even if the pain is severe while they’re on the clock.)

The SSA will then decide how severe your disability is before granting or denying benefits. They may judge an applicant to be capable of sedentary work based on their medical records and formal recommendations. Senior citizens who have arthritis may still receive benefits even if the SSA declares them capable of sedentary work. Senior citizens will first need to prove they lack the qualifications to find a job that fits the restricted criteria. For example, if most sedentary jobs in their area require a college degree and the applicant has only completed high school.

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