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What not to do while applying for Social Security

A simple internet search can supply with hundreds, if not thousands of articles on advice from advocates on suggestions that may or may not end up being of benefit for your case. One thing that is certain, if an advocate guarantees you that they will be able to win your case, you may want to proceed with caution. Sure, there is plenty of great advice that can help you get started and proceed with the process. While some advocates have great statistics and a natural talent for what they do, the decision ultimately comes down to the decision of the Social Security Administration, followed by a judge if you appeal an outcome that does not end in your favor. With so much helpful information on things you could do to better the possibilities of receiving benefits, here are a couple things that will lead to the application process taking longer than usual, if not denied all together. For starters, applying for Social Security benefits is not an event. It is a process, and more often than not, a lengthy one. Do not let yourself believe that you are going to simply fill out a quick application, and be notified with the decision right away. Do not be tricked into believing that just because you have representation from an advocate that the process is automatically rushed. Yes, some advocates can often help with the time frame, but it should never be guaranteed. This is a decision that is going to take a while. Keep in mind that there are thousands of people applying for benefits in the state of Maryland at any given time, and only one Social Security Administration making decisions. Do not set aside a time to fill out and submit an application to receive benefits from Social Security until you have taken the time to gather all of the medical records, information, and notes from doctors, physicians, and any other medical specialists who have treated you for your illness or injury. You want to have all of this documentation ready and put into some kind of systematical order. Waiting until after the application has been submitted and is being reviewed has the potential of creating even more setbacks and causing further delays in the process. Take the time to be prepared and ready to submit any information required and make sure that it has been dated by the doctor or medical staff within the previous 60 days.

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