How to Apply for Disability Benefits with a Somatoform Disorder?

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How to Apply for Disability Benefits with a Somatoform Disorder?

Somatoform disorders cause symptoms of illnesses and/or physical injuries that cannot be traced to a definitive cause or apparent reason. Since somatoform disorders cannot be attributed to a physical condition, such as diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease, they are considered a type of mental disorder. Types of somatoform disorders include hypochondriases, conversion, undifferentiated somatoform and body dysmorphic disorders. These can be disabling conditions when accompanied by symptoms that prevent a person from working or completing normal daily tasks.

How Can You Get Disability Benefits for Somatoform Disorders?

The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book lists somatoform disorders under “mental disorders” in adults. The SSA further states that somatoform disorders must not be the result of substance abuse or “culturally sanctioned experiences or behaviors”. Signs and symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Pain
  • Sensation abnormalities
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Fatigue
  • Severe anxiety about one’s health status
  • Pseudoseizures
  • Abnormal motor movements
  • Pseudoneurological symptoms (deafness, blindness)

Disabling conditions like long-term somatoform disorders require claimants to submit medical evidence completed by “acceptable” medical sources–physicians, mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists, for example. Documents should include an applicant’s psychological, psychiatric and medical history, imaging results, lab findings and results of other clinical findings (interviews by psychologists, psychiatric rating scales and the final diagnosis).

Also vital to being approved for disability benefits are reports detailing any medication side effects that severely limit the claimant’s ability to maintain employment. Expected duration of somatoform disorders is another physician-completed form needed by the SSA before approving a claim for SSI or SSDI. Claimants must also show their disorder has been negatively impacting their lives for at least one year.

Is It Hard to Get Approved by the SSA for Somatoform Disorders?

Disability claims for mental disorders typically result in an initial denial by the SSA. If you seeking disability benefits for a somatoform disorder, call London Disability today to schedule a consultation with a disability lawyer who deals exclusively with SSI or SSDI claims that are usually denied and appealed. Our attorneys know the exact information the Social Security Administration is looking for to approve benefits for disabling conditions like somatoform and other mental disorders. Don’t take a chance on your claim being denied. Contact us for immediate assistance.

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