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Living with a disability that hinders your work capacity can push you into financial difficulties. The Social Security Administration extends two main programs: Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. These programs aim to provide financial and medical aid to those who fulfill the set eligibility. But wading through this process is not always clear-cut.

From the Social Security Administration's own records, over two-thirds of the initial applications face rejection. A significant number of potentially eligible individuals get discouraged, whereas some are left with the arduous task of appealing. Collaborating with an expert Social Security Disability (SDD) and SSI attorney in Baltimore will give you a leg up in the complicated application process, and will minimize potential pitfalls that result in denial.

Starting the Process
Though the Social Security website suggests their application process is easy, the knowledge to master the multifaceted and often bewildering federal rules is not something most people have—not unless you’re an SSD trained lawyer. To get approval for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits, it's not just about a quick call to the SSA or a swift online form submission.

Being aware of the expectations of both the Social Security and the Disability Determination Services is essential before diving into the application. The experienced lawyers at London Disability have a firm grasp on these regulations and laws, and we can spare you the task of unraveling them. Drawing from our vast experience, our advocates and lawyers at London Disability precisely understand the initial evaluation requirements of the SSA and DDS.

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Securing the assistance of a Baltimore SSD and SSI attorney streamlines your journey through the intricate federal guidelines that set the eligibility standards for SSD and SSI.

One major upside of having our adept Baltimore Social Security Disability application lawyers by your side is not just our expertise of the regulations. Our insight into special exceptions can greatly improve your chances for successful qualification.

Give us a call at London Disability for a free consultation. You can connect with a specialized Social Security Disability application lawyer in Baltimore to discover how to make your SSD application successful on the first go, or to talk about ways to conduct a successful appeal if you’ve already been turned down.

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