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BALTIMORE Supplemental Security Income

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Lawyers

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides financial aid to disabled individuals, those who are over the age of 65, or people who are disabled or blind. Eligibility requires having minimal assets or income.


The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees SSI to ensure individuals get the necessary support for their daily living expenses. This program receives funding from general government tax revenues, making it a responsibility of the United States government. Additionally, if you receive SSI benefits, you might also be eligible for Medicaid support.


Do You Qualify for SSI?

Eligibility for SSI from the Social Security Administration is based on:


  • Having minimal household/personal income or financial resources.
  • A disability that is anticipated to persist for a minimum of 12 months or could result in death.
  • An inability to continue with your previous job or any other regular employment.


If you're contemplating applying for SSI, it's essential to thoroughly understand the eligibility requirements. Should there be any uncertainty regarding the financial or medical criteria for SSI qualification, we recommend you reach out to London Disability for guidance on the supplemental security income application process. Our Baltimore SSI lawyers can make the application process much easier for you.


With London Disability by your side, navigating the SSI application becomes a smoother journey. Our Baltimore Supplemental Security Income application assistance can provide you with expertise in decoding the intricate regulations and procedures. Schedule a free consultation to see how London Disability can help you.


Your Trusted SSI Lawyer in Baltimore

A significant number—nearly 67%—of all applicants are denied Social Security Disability benefits during their first application. Research by the federal government indicates the chances of winning an appeal for a denied claim are three times higher when you’re represented by an SSI lawyer.


Engaging our Baltimore Supplemental Security Income application assistance ensures your application is comprehensive and precise, minimizing potential delays or rejections. Instead of waiting for the SSA to ask for your medical records, your Baltimore SSI lawyer will proactively compile medical data and doctor testimonies to bolster your SSI case.


During the hearing and Appeals Council phases, the expertise of a lawyer is invaluable. Our in-depth knowledge of the legalities and regulations allows us to craft compelling arguments in favor of your claim, backed by solid evidence.


Put London Disability on Your Side

Navigating the complexities of the SSI process demands expertise. Trust in the seasoned professionals at London Disability to lead the way, ensuring you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve. Make the wise choice and consult our Baltimore SSI lawyers for unparalleled Supplemental Security Income application assistance and appeal support. Reach out to us now to request your free consultation.


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