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Chances of Getting Disability Benefits For Arthritis

According to the federal government, 24% of the adult population of the U.S. have arthritis. More people claim it as the reason why they cannot work than any other cause of disability. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis that is severe enough to prevent you from working, you may qualify for Social Security disability. An arthritis lawyer or disability advocate at London Disability can hel...
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Is Type 1 Diabetes a Disability Under Social Security?

The simple answer is yes. Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes can qualify someone for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The determination of whether your SSD benefits claim is approved is based on how severely the disease affects your normal functioning and your ability to perform work. At London Disability, Attorney Scott London and his team of expert disability advocates work full-time r...
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What You Need To Know When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

Approval of an application for Social Security disability comes with rights and responsibilities that you need to know to get the most out of the benefits available to you. A little knowledge about the Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance programs lets you understand what to expect from SSI and SSDI, as well as what is expected from you to remain eligible under eac...
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How Do I Check The Status of My Social Security Disability Claim?

When you submit an application for Social Security disability or request a review of a denial or other adverse determination, it could be months before you hear anything. The Social Security Administration estimates that it takes anywhere from three to five months to process a claim, but delays can and frequently do occur. Checking on the status of your SSD claim is a good idea because sometime...
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How Much Does Social Security Disability Pay Per Child?

Blind or disabled children may qualify for Social Security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program. Children who are not blind or disabled may also qualify for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program when a disabled or deceased parent meets the eligibility requirements for SSDI benefits. The disability advocates at London Disability want yo...
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