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Social Security Disability and Mental Illness: What You Need to Know

For many people with mental illnesses, one of the barriers to receiving any kind of assistance is stigma. Over the past several decades in the United States, mental illness has become more and more accepted as a health issue rather than a shameful and unnatural condition, and people have started talking about it rather than trying to cover it up. However, in many cases it is still difficult for pe...
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Diseases and Disorders That Qualify for Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has developed a list of various conditions and ailments that are eligible for disability benefits. This list in integral in helping them determine who qualifies for benefits and who does not. This list, known as the “List of Impairments’ or colloquially as the “Blue Book”, can be a helpful tool in helping you to determine if you can ...
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What You Can Expect From Your Trusted Disability Representative

If you think that you are eligible for disability benefits, you do not have to struggle through the long and difficult application process on your own. Working with a disability representative has many benefits. Here are some ways you can expect them to help.     Knowledge and experienceWhen you work with a disability representative, you can will be assured you are working w...
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Social Security in Baltimore: Access to Services

As the 20th largest metro area in the United States, Baltimore is a hub of industry, transport and innovation. But for many people living in the city and its outlying areas, working is simply not a possibility because of chronic conditions that prevent them from being able to do their jobs. Whether it’s an illness, injury or other medical condition, there are many reasons that you may be pre...
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Information to Know About Hiring a Disability Lawyer in Washington, DC

If you think you are eligible to receive disability benefits, your best first step might be to hire a disability lawyer to help you through the process. Disability lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you formulate a successful case. Since most people do not have extensive experience in hiring disability lawyers, it might be difficult to determine where to start. If you are ...
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