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What is the Difference between Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income?

So you want to find a strategy for you and your spouse to optimize the most out of Social Security benefits? There are now SS calculators provided online where you can get an estimate of SS benefits you and your spouse can receive. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your financial history and then benefits are recommended to you. The recommendations are based on you and your spouse...
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Neurological Disorders That Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Not every condition that qualifies a person for social security disability benefits is something that is visible to others. Neurological disorders are often invisible to others but can qualify you for social security disability benefits. Learn more about what disorders qualify, how they are evaluated, and what evidence is required for the application process. Neurological Disorders That Qualify...
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Do You Need An Represenatative If You Want To Apply For Disability?

If you are about to apply for disability, one of the first questions you may have is if you need an representative to present your case to the Social Security Administration. The short answer is no. You can do all the paperwork yourself and present it to the administration. But here is a better question. “Will an representative improve my chances of receiving benefits?’ That answ...
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How Much Can You Work While Receiving SSI Disability Benefits?

Qualifying for disability, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a process that is already a difficult one, and many who have qualified already still feel the need to work at least part-time, whether that to be for need-fulfillment or to supplement their income. Many who wish to do so, find themselves fearful of losing their SSI benefits, especially if they are concerned that they cannot sustai...
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Denied Disability? Here are Your Next Steps

So, you’ve received the dreaded notice that your disability application has been denied. You wallow in self-pity and wonder what you are going to do from here. How are you going to pay the bills and support your family if you can’t work or get any governmental assistance? Fret not because it isn’t the end of the line for you.If you do get a denial, then it’s time to pull yo...
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