Dermatomyositis and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

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Dermatomyositis and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

A severe inflammatory disease affecting muscles and associated blood vessels, dermatomyositis typically affects children (more girls than boys) between five and 14 years old, although it can emerge in early adulthood. Symptoms of dermatomyositis include purplish rash covering joints or the face, chest and neck, scaly skin and development of painful calcium deposits under the skin. Over time, dermatomyositis can destroy muscle tissue and cause muscle atrophy. Severe inflammation of cardiac and lung muscles may result as well.

Can Someone Suffering Dermatomyositis Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration does include dermatomyositis in its Blue Book of Medical Listings (section 14.05). According to the description, people diagnosed with dermatomyositis may be approved for benefits if they provide medical documents such as an electromyography or muscle biopsy showing evidence of the disease. In addition, applicants must suffer debilitating muscle weakness in their shoulders or pelvic area that prevents them from moving “effectively.” Inability to lift, carry, reach overhead or perform “fine” movements is designated as qualified limitations by the SSA.

Why Would Social Security Deny Disability Benefits to Someone With Dermatomyositis?

Lack of documented clinical evidence indicating the existence of dermatomyositis is one of the leading causes of application denials. Another reason is failing to show how long the applicant has been under a doctor’s care for the disease and how seriously dermatomyositis interferes with an applicant’s ability to perform simple daily activities. As soon as a denial is received, applicants should file an appeal immediately with the Social Security Administration.

Appeals are complicated and time-consuming, involving submission of many documents that, if not properly filled out, could result in a delay or another denial. Before filing for disability, people with dermatomyositis are urged to contact a disability lawyer who has knowledge and experience filing SSD claims. In addition, the chance of having your claim approved following a denial when an SSD attorney handles your case increases significantly, relieving you of the stress caused by being denied repeatedly.

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