Social Security Benefits after Divorce

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Social Security Benefits after Divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful and unstable time, and it can have an impact on your retirement planning as well. Social security claim benefits for divorced couples are possible if you know the laws. Just because you’re divorced doesn’t mean that your benefits have to end as well. Here are tips on collecting social security benefits after divorce.

Benefits from Your Ex-Spouse

You can receive social security benefits from your ex-spouse’s record if you were married at least 10 years (if even applies if your ex remarried after your divorce). You’re able to claim benefits from your ex’s account if you are currently unmarried, are 62 years of age or older, your ex is able to have his or her own social security benefits, and the benefits from your own work is less than that from your ex-spouse.

If You Remarry

If you remarry after divorce, then you usually can’t collect benefits from your ex-spouse’s social security record unless your current marriage ends. Claiming your ex’s benefits is typically granted only if you are unmarried.

If Your Ex-Spouse Is Not Receiving Benefits Yet

If your ex hasn’t started receiving social security benefits yet, but you’re able to quality for the benefits, you can still receive them on your ex-spouse’s account if you have been divorced for a minimum of two years.

Eligibility for Both Your Ex-Spouse’s Benefits and Your Own

If you’re eligible for both your ex’s benefits and your own benefits independently, then you will receive your benefits first. You may qualify for a higher amount of benefits from your ex’s account if it is higher compared to yours, so that the total will equal that of the benefits from your ex’s account. If you are of full retirement age and were born before January 2, 1954, you have a choice of receiving only your ex’s benefits and delaying receiving your own until later in the future.

Current Employment

You can still receive benefits even if you are currently working. Keep in mind that your current employment may impact the benefit earnings amount. Benefits on your ex’s record may be impacted if you are supposed to get a pension from work that isn’t eligible to receive social security.

Keep in mind that social security claim benefits for divorced couples do not influence the benefits that your ex-spouse or their current spouse may be eligible for. To find out more about receiving social security benefits after divorce, contact London Disability today.

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