When Does High Blood Pressure Qualify You for Disability?

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When Does High Blood Pressure Qualify You for Disability?

Did you know that heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the world and results in more than 375,000 deaths in the US annually? While it is true that many Americans have high blood pressure, not everyone who suffers from this common medical complication will qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. Because some cases are much more severe than others, the Social Security Administration has set requirements that must be met before you can qualify for benefits.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can have many negative side effects on your health including increased stress levels, the inability to sleep and difficulty concentrating. However, high blood pressure disability on its own is not typically something that qualifies for social security benefits.

High Blood Pressure: How to Know if You May Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

To start receiving disability payments in relation to your high blood pressure, you must prove that your symptoms make it impossible for you to maintain a job or return to work in the same capacity that you were previously able to do. Some of the most common examples of high blood pressure-related conditions that may qualify for SSD benefits include:

Heart Disease

Over time, many cases of high blood pressure can result in more serious health conditions like hypertension, and coronary heart disease.

Kidney Disease

Most people aren’t aware that the health of their kidneys is directly impacted by the health of their heart. When your heart isn’t functioning properly for an extended period of time, you are more likely to develop kidney disease or experience reduced kidney function.

Brain Disease

High blood pressure can also result in heart failure, coronary heart disease or stroke. While these symptoms of high blood pressure are only found in more severe cases, they can result in damage to brain functionality over time.

Vision Loss

In some more severe cases of high blood pressure, individuals may experience vision loss.

Applying for High Blood Pressure Disability Benefits

Because high blood pressure can result in a number of different health complications, individuals must provide medical evidence that the condition is debilitating enough to prevent them from supporting themselves properly to receive disability payments. The application process for SSD benefits can be a long one and very confusing if you don’t have help from an experienced advocate. If your application has been denied or you need guidance during the appeals process, the attorneys at London Disability can help. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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