How to Increase your Monthly Disability Payment

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How to Increase your Monthly Disability Payment

Daily living expenses seem to go up every day. Despite how one earns an income, if periodic raises do not occur, finances can quickly get tight. Those who work at a traditional job every day can normally rely on annual salary increases, even if they are small or performance-based raises. However, when you rely on disability payment as your main form of income, it is not quite as easy. However, there are ways to have your disability payment increased.

SSDI benefits
If you qualify for SSDI benefits, the amount of your monthly payment is based on how much income you have earned and the amount of Social Security taxes you have paid. Normally, SSDI payments range between $300 and $3,000 per month. If you need additional money in your SSDI payments, you have a few options. If you also receive other government-regulated benefits such as workers’ comp or state disability benefits, it can lower your SSDI benefits. So, when you no longer receive these benefits it is crucial that you contact the SSA to inform them so they can increase your SSDI benefit amount. You can also increase the amount for which you are eligible by increasing your income and paying higher taxes.

Increasing SSI
There are many factors that can reduce your SSI payout without you realizing it. Something as innocent as living with another person who is providing you with food and shelter or if you are working part-time, it can decrease your SSI amount. If you fall into any of the categories that can decrease your payments, change that situation and contact your local SSA office to let them know about it.

COLA Raises
You can expect to get a small raise in your disability benefits every year. The SSA makes allowances in expectation that costs will go up from year to year. To cover the rise in daily living expenses, the SSA offers Cost of Living Allowance, or COLA, increases every year. These raises are based on each year’s Consumer Price Index.

If you want to find out the best way to increase your disability benefit amount, contact London Disability today. Our experienced and qualified staffs are here to help you every step of the way.

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