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Experiencing a disability that hinders your ability to work and earn can often lead to financial struggles. The Social Security Administration runs two programs, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which provide monthly payments and medical benefits for individuals who satisfy the eligibility criteria. However, applying for these benefits is far from straightforward. Our Social Security Disability application lawyers serve New York residents with this process.

Social Security's statistics show that over two-thirds of initial applications are rejected. Many individuals who could qualify for benefits either abandon their efforts or face a lengthy appeals process. Collaborating with an adept Social Security disability application lawyer or advocate can help avoid the errors and oversights often resulting in benefit denials.

Starting the process
While the Social Security website portrays the application procedure as straightforward, a deep comprehension of the complex and often perplexing federal regulations is necessary to prepare an application sufficiently detailed and medically substantiated for approval of SSDI and SSI benefits. It involves more than just a phone call to the SSA or completing an online form.

A thorough understanding of what the Social Security and Disability Determination Services seek is crucial for a successful benefit application. The legal team of New York Social Security disability application lawyers at London Disability is well-versed in these regulations and laws, lifting the burden of deciphering them yourself. The advocates and lawyers at London Disability possess the experience and training to know precisely what the SSA and DDS evaluate in the initial determination stage.

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A New York SSD attorney specializing in SSD guides you through the intricate federal regulations that govern the eligibility for SSD and SSI.

The advantage of having an SSD and SSI attorney handle your benefits application or appeal lies in their expertise in the regulations and exceptions that could make you eligible for benefits.

There are numerous exceptions to the eligibility criteria that might be relevant to your specific situation. Arrange a complimentary consultation with an SSI and Social Security disability  application lawyer in New York at London Disability to discover how these exceptions could influence your application or appeal.

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