Peripheral Neuropathy and Filing for Disability

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Peripheral Neuropathy and Filing for Disability

Peripheral neuropathy can cause enough discomfort to justify disability benefits. Because it impacts the peripheral nervous system, it can conceivably be felt throughout the entire body. If this is the case for you, it may be difficult to concentrate when on the job or prevent you from performing the most basic tasks at work. Whether your neuropathy came on suddenly or has been progressively getting worse, you may qualify for neuropathy disability benefits

How Can I Improve My Chances of Being Approved for SSI?

There are three major peripheral nerves in the body:

  • Sensory: These control everything from your hearing to vision.
  • Motor: Motor nerves control your voluntary movements.
  • Automatic: Automatic nerves control involuntary movements (e.g., digestion, heart rate, etc.)

Whether you’re suffering from one type of damage or all three, neuropathy can be caused by a number of underlying conditions. SSD & SSI officials will need to see the medical tests that show the extent of your condition. These usually come in the form of motor function exercises performed by a doctor or through formal nerve testing.

If you’ve been suffering from neuropathy for several months, you may need to be retested to give officials the most current results. If your results came on suddenly, you may need to go through extensive testing to see if doctors can identify the cause. Some officials may ask to see an MRI, CAT scan, or electromyography (among other tests) to show the abnormalities causing the peripheral neuropathy.

How Will My Disability Be Evaluated?

Officials will consider the extent of your neuropathy and how it originally occurred. For example, if you have diabetic neuropathy, they’ll need to see the existing documentation and severity of the underlying cause. If officials believe your neuropathy can be managed, they may deny benefits. They’ll assess your treatment plan and evaluate how it will impact your daily life.

If you have idiopathic neuropathy, a form of neuropathy without an identified cause, officials may require further doctor’s visits to clarify if anything can be done to manage the condition. SSD & SSI authorities may require you to see another doctor of their choosing. The appointment will be paid for by Social Security, and it will be an assessment only (as opposed to medical treatment).

Disability cases are typically decided by both the quantity and quality of the available evidence. If you keep careful track of the progression of your disease and the treatment you’ve already received, SSI officials should have what they need to make a final decision about your neuropathy disability benefits.

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