Social Security Disability Payment Schedule

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Social Security Disability Payment Schedule

If you have recently been awarded social security disability (SSDI) benefits, let’s first start off by saying congratulations! You have already accomplished something that most people (at least 70% of applicants) have been unable to do. Now that you know you will be receiving your benefits, the next question you probably have is when you will get those benefits. It’s important to know that your benefits, when they start arriving, will follow a very regular payment schedule. This is good because it makes it easier to plan for the money when you know when it will arrive. To help with this, the Social Security Administration has developed an SSDI Payment Calendar for 2017. By clicking that link, you can go to a page that will show you exactly when you can expect to receive your monthly benefits.

The benefit schedule is based on where your birthday falls in the month. As you can see, checks are spread out over three Wednesdays of each month, the second, third, and fourth. Which Wednesday you can expect to receive your check will depend solely on what day of the month you were born. So, if you were born during the first ten days of your birth month, you can expect to receive a benefit check on the second Wednesday of each month. This is true for every month, regardless of which month you were actually born in. Those beneficiaries who were born in the middle of their birth month will get their SSDI payments on the third Wednesday (in the middle) of the month. Finally, those who are receiving benefits and were born at the end of the month will receive their SSDI check on the fourth Wednesday of each month. So, according to the SSDI payment schedule, if you were born, for example, on March 4th, you should anticipate receiving your payment the second Wednesday of each calendar month.

The SSA also requests that, if you are expecting a check on a certain day but do not receive one, to wait at least three days before contacting them. Sometimes, even when checks are mailed out on time, they are delayed afterwards through the mail.

When it comes to SSDI, there is one exception to this schedule: those who started receiving their SSDI before May 1997 have been receiving, and will continue to receive, their benefit payment on the 3rd of each month. This is not a new change, however, so if you have been receiving payments for that length of time, you should already be familiar with that.

It should also be noted that beneficiaries who receive SSI payments or retirement payments follow a slightly different schedule, which is also listed on the SSDI payment calendar for 2017.

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