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Baltimore – How Much Does Disability Pay?

If you are disabled because of an injury or illness and live in Baltimore, you may be entitled to disability benefits through state and federal programs. The Maryland Temporary Disability Assistance Program provides about $185 a month in benefits through the Department of Social Services, but it is restricted to individuals with limited incomes and no dependent children.

The primary focus of this article will be the two federal disability programs, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, that are administered through the Social Security Administration. Each program is different as far as its eligibility rules and how much disability pay you may receive.

Maryland Temporary Disability Assistance Program

The TDAP program to disabled Maryland residents as short-term disability pay while out of work or while waiting for benefits through SSDI or SSI. In order to qualify for TDAP benefits, you must meet the following eligibility rules:

  • You must have a disability as verified by a medical report completed by a physician or other licensed medical professional.
  • The program is limited only to individuals with low incomes and without dependent children.
  • If your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 months, you must file an application for benefits through the SSI program.

If you qualify for TDAP benefits, you may only receive them for a maximum of 12 months during a 36-month period. The benefits will continue for a longer period while an application for SSI is being processed by Social Security.

How Much Does Social Security Disability Pay Baltimore Residents?

The amount of disability pay Baltimore residents may receive through SSI and SSDI depends on whether they are approved for SSI, SSDI, or both programs. It also may depend on other income that they receive and the sources of that income.

The SSI program pays a monthly benefit to children and adults who are disabled or blind provided they meet restrictions on the amount of income and resources they have available to them. For example, an individual may not have resources with a total value in excess of $2,000. Resources include:

  • Cash on hand and money in the bank
  • Stocks, U.S. savings bonds, and mutual funds
  • Land
  • Personal property
  • Motor vehicles
  • Anything that can be used to pay for or exchange for food and shelter

Working with a disability advocate when filing an application for SSI is essential to give you the best chance at success. A disability advocate knows the rules for SSI eligibility as well as exceptions to the rules that may help you qualify for benefits.

For example, a disability professional at London Disability will review the resources that you own to determine if any of them do not count toward the resource total. Exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The value of the home that you live in and the value of the land.
  • One vehicle that is used primarily for transportation by you or a household member.
  • Personal effects, including wedding and engagement rings.
  • Household goods.

If you qualify for benefits through SSI, the maximum monthly federal benefit that you can receive is $914 in 2023. The benefit payable to couples eligible for SSI is $1,371. An SSI disability pay chart showing the monthly federal benefits for 2023 and the effect of the annual cost-of-living adjustment on it is available through the Social Security Administration.

Maryland is one of several states that supplement the federal SSI benefit. Check with your disability advocate at London Disability to learn whether you are eligible for the state supplement.

How Much Does Social Security Disability Pay In Baltimore?

Individuals with a work history who paid Social Security taxes on the money they earned may qualify for disability benefits through the SSDI program. Disability pay through SSDI is calculated based on a person’s lifetime earnings record. A disability advocate can determine how much you will receive each month from SSDI.

There is no minimum monthly SSDI benefit because benefits are determined on the basis of each applicant’s lifetime earnings, but there is a maximum monthly benefit. Regardless of how much you have in lifetime earnings, your maximum monthly SSDI benefit in 2023 is $3,627. There is a Social Security disability pay chart available at the SSA website showing benefits under the SSDI program for 2023.

Although SSDI does not have resource and income restrictions, your monthly SSDI benefits may be reduced by payments you receive through state benefit programs. For instance, if you receive workers’ compensation benefits for the illness or injury that caused you to be disabled and unable to work, the compensation benefits may reduce what you receive from SSDI.

Learn More About Disability Pay

The disability advocates at London Disability are disability experts who guide you through the application process for SSI and SSDI. If you submitted an application and were denied benefits, let a disability advocate review your claim. You may have grounds to appeal the denial, so contact London Disability for a free consultation and claim review.

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