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The Benefits of Being Represented

The process of applying to receive Social Security benefits is not only time consuming, especially beings how it is more than likely the first time you have had to experience the ordeal. Dealing with an injury or illness, serious enough to prevent work creates enough headache and stress on its own. When adding on the legal aspect of a social security claim, it can often be more activity than the a...
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What not to do while applying for Social Security

A simple internet search can supply with hundreds, if not thousands of articles on advice from advocates on suggestions that may or may not end up being of benefit for your case. One thing that is certain, if an advocate guarantees you that they will be able to win your case, you may want to proceed with caution. Sure, there is plenty of great advice that can help you get started and proceed ...
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Amidst all the ads, how to choose a competent SSI disability advocate

What Do I Need to Know to Hire a Competent SSI Disability Advocate? Hiring a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability advocate or SSI attorney proves wise when your claim is denied. Most cases receive denial letters on their initial application. Working with representation increases your chance of receiving benefits on appeal. (In fact, these representatives improve your odds of approval w...
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How It Works What You Need To Apply For SSI

Regardless of the governmental entity you’re forced to deal with, gathering the number of documents you’ll need, to satisfy their requirements, can feel like an overwhelming task. Applying for SSI is no different. Their need for documentation will require you to find documents that detail almost every part of your life. Here’s a list of the most important documents that will get ...
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Benefits of a Social Security Disability Representative

The process of applying for and receiving Social Security benefits can be strenuous, time consuming, and frustrating at times. Rarely is an individual applying for benefits familiar with the different processes involved. The simplest mistakes can lead to the time of a decision being delayed, and even the individual applying being denied altogether. Here are just a couple reasons why an individual ...
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