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How it Works – The Role of Representation

Nearly 70 percent of disability cases get denied on initial application. Neither where you live nor your condition increases your chances of receiving benefits. This large percentage of denials raises questions about the need for disability advocacy services and the role of a disability advocate. What are advocacy services and do you need them? What does a disability advocate do? Who best repre...
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Helpful Information when Applying for SSI

Applying for SSI is not always as simple as you might think. It is a process that is out of your control. However, there are some thing you can do, and sometimes not do that will speed up the process and improves the chances of your case being approved. Here is just a short list of some ideas and tips you will want to be aware of before you submit your application for benefits. Make sure you ta...
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Optimizing Your Application: What You Need to Know

Filing for SSI disability used to be very different than it is today. Applicants used to have to call the social security office and request an application, and then wait to be interviewed on the phone or in person at a later date. Today, if you want to file for disability, these options still do exist. Phone interviews are really convenient and most people prefer those over in-person interview...
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The Truth about Applying for Disability

If you are not working with a disability advocate, you may have some misconceptions about the process of applying for disability. Here is a list of the top disability myths and the reality behind them. Myth: Why give the effort and all the time the application process requires, I am just going to be denied anyway. William Jarrett, a Social Security Administration spokesperson says that this ...
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How do SSI benefits as a minor change when 18?

If you or your child are recipients of SSI benefits as a minor but will soon turn 18,  you should prepare to be reevaluated by the Social Security Administration to continue receiving benefits. Children who turn 18 while receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will be reevaluated as adults through a redetermination. Social Security assesses adult applications for disability diff...
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