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How Likely am I to be Denied After My Review?

Claimants previously approved for SSI or Social Security disability are typically granted a continuation of benefits upon evidence that a condition has not improved. Once approved for social security benefits, you must undergo a continuing disability review (CDR) every few years. The administration will review your case to see if your situation has improved. If so, it is likely that your benefits ...
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Preparing for a Social Security Disability Benefits Review

According to the Social Security Administration, or SSA, individuals who are currently receiving disability benefits may be subject to a social security disability benefits review from time to time. These reviews are an attempt by SSA to determine if the recipient is still disabled and eligible for benefits. If the review process is not handled properly, payments may be suspended or terminated. To...
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Terms and Abbreviations

The Social Security Administration and local office use a variety of terms and abbreviations in their forms. Here’s a quick list of common terms you’ll run across. Social Security Disability Insurance / SSDI / Title 2 – you pay into this system as an employee. Also includes workers compensation. Supplemental Security Income / SSI / Title 16 – benefits ...
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Topics to Avoid When Filing Your Disability Paperwork

Filing a successful application for social security disability benefits is all about optimization. By adding unnecessary, or incorrect, details to your paperwork, you severely hurt your chances of gaining an approval outright. If you want to avoid the frustrating appeals process, you need to know what disability topics to avoid in your paperwork. Ultimately, you need to focus on your medical hi...
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How it Works

Applying for Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits and awaiting the first check can be a lengthy and wearying process. To recognize the long wait between submitting an application and receiving payment, the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows for back pay to applicants who prove eligible for SSI benefits. If a claimant is denied SSI in Maryland or needs assistance understanding back pay...
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